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Final Project List

Once the final voting is completed, PBAC reviews the results to advise the Councillor on how to spend area rating funds for the following year’s capital budget in the ward. PBAC is committed to ensuring the money is shared and enjoyed among all neighbourhoods. With this principal in mind, PBAC has advised the Councillor to ensure the top 2 projects by vote point totals for each neighbourhood, as well as the top two ward wide projects, are the first 10 projects funded regardless of where the projects sit on the voting results list. These projects are as follows:


Next Steps – Over the next couple of months Aidan will be meeting with City Staff to investigate and obtain implementation estimates on the top projects, starting with the ones identified by PBAC. His goal is to get as many projects implemented as possible. Once that is complete (estimated to be in early Fall 2017) Aidan will announce the 2017 Final Project List with budget to the community.

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