forWard one

Criteria & Eligibility


Before submitting an idea to the forWard one process, please review the following criteria.

Successful projects ideas are…Examples
In Ward 1Ward 1 Boundary Map
On public property and/or benefit quality of life for the community at largeExamples of where projects can be located: Parks, streets or libraries

Examples of where projects cannot be located: Projects for a private house, apartment building or a business
Location specificExample: Pedestrian signal at Hunter and Locke

Example of project that is not location specific: Pedestrian signal in neighbourhood
Meant to meet a need that is not currently being metExample: Speed bump on Longwood Road North between Roanoke Road and Norwood Road because cars race down Longwood going to Cootes Paradise and it is dangerous because there are lots of kids playing in the neighbourhood
Infrastructure projects that can be builtExamples of things that can be built: Art installation in a park, historical sign, sidewalk, bike lane, speed bumps, structures, recreational facilities

Examples of things that cannot be built: Classes of any type, activities or programs that are ongoing
One time projects that don’t have ongoing costsExamples of one-time projects: Sidewalk, bridge, water faucet

Example of project that has ongoing costs: New ice rink that requires constant upkeep and maintenance
Projects that can be completed within 1 to 2 yearsProjects that cost $250,000 or less are typically projects that can be completed within 1 to 2 years


Project Eligibility

Proposals must be specific, demonstrate need and include detail about where the project would be located. All ideas will be reviewed by PBAC members and shortlisted for City Staff evaluation.

fw1poster2Where can projects be located?

Projects must be located on public property and benefit the quality of life of the whole community.

  1. Parks, streets, sidewalks, libraries, traffic and pedestrian safety are examples of public property
  2. School board property may be eligible if the project benefits the entire community
How much can a project cost?
  1. As a rough guideline, projects that require a budget of less than $250,000 can typically be completed within 1 or 2 years
  2. There may be an exceptional project where money may be set aside and rolled over for more than one year
What types of projects are eligible?

Projects must be physical things that can be built (infrastructure).

The City of Hamilton Guidelines state funding should be targeted at infrastructure and/or one-time funding of a principally capital nature to address the infrastructure deficit/shortfall within affected wards;

  1. Projects can focus on art installations, signs, structures, public safety, recreational facilities
  2. Projects should be a one-time cost and not require funding for ongoing operation
Are there any exceptions to the eligibility criteria?

Other projects may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Who can submit an idea for a project?

Any individual, whether or not they reside in Ward 1, can submit ideas for projects.

How many ideas can an individual submit?

As many ideas as they please, but ensure the ideas meet the criteria and are well thought out. It’s best to have one or two well thought out ideas that the community understands and will support.

Who can vote on the projects that have been shortlisted?

Only Ward 1 residents are eligible to vote on projects.