forWard one

Past Years

The forWard one participatory budgeting process began in 2012. In each year, the participatory budgeting process was held in one year to recommend projects for the following year’s capital budget. For example, the first forWard one process was held in 2012 for the 2013 budget year, and the same for the following years. Please find below tables displaying the approved projects and allocated funds for capital budgets in 2013 to 2015. In 2015, a strategic review of the forWard one process was undertaken, and thus no projects were recommended from this process for the 2016 capital budget. The 2016 process, for the 2017 capital budget, changed to be more responsive and transparent, as was recommended in the review.

2016 Projects

Ward 1 ProjectsExpenditure
Native Wildflower Garden$5,000.00
Chedoke Golf Course Redevelopment - Community Consultation Process$50,000.00
Upgrades to Dow Parkette$60,000.00
Victoria Park Beautification (installation of 2 floral beds with concrete curbing and irrigation)$70,000.00
Victoria Park Playground Improvements$80,000.00
Improvements to Locke Street Library$150,000.00
Westdale Neighbourhood Complete Streets Master Plan$150,000.00
Ainslie Wood Neighbourhood Complete Streets Review, including Main Street$150,000.00
Natural Playground at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School (in partnership with Catholic School Board)$205,000.00
Upgrade to HAAA Park$220,000.00
Churchill Park Master Plan Implementation$400,000.00
Recreation Centre/ Community Hub at the former Prince Philip School SIte$520,000.00
Neighbourhood Strategy for the Kirkendall Neighbourhood$125,000.00

To see the City of Hamilton motion outlining the projects funded for 2016, click here.

2015 Projects

RankFunded ProjectsNeighbourhoodAmount
1Build natural playground at Cootes Paradise ElementaryWestdale$150,000
2Additional funds for purchase of Prince Philip SchoolAinslie Wood$100,000
3School nutrition programsAll$100,000
4Seniors activity centre in west Hamilton All$100,000
5Road diet on Aberdeen (Queen to Longwood) Kirkendall$25,000
6Pedestrian Bridge to Bayfront (Locke North) Strathcona$150,000
7Earl Kitchener - Revitalize/naturalize playground Kirkendall$50,000
8Natural turf at Westdale Secondary School Westdale$150,000
9Improvements to lawn bowling club house at Churchill Park Westdale$25,000
10More native plants throughout Ward All$10,000
11Protected bike lanes on York Blvd between Dundurn and downtown Strathcona$50,000
12Pedestrianize more streets All$100,000
13Protected bike lanes on Dundurn between Aberdeen to Main Kirkendall$20,000
14Alexander Park beautification Ainslie Wood$70,000
15Victoria Park - Resurface splash pad Strathcona$100,000
Ward 1 Reinvestment Fund$300,000

To see the memo outlining the recommended projects and funding for 2015, click here.

2014 Projects

RankFunded ProjectsNeighbourhoodAmount
1Lunch/Breakfast ProgramsAll$80,000
2Food4Kids school nutrition programsAll$40,000
3Bike lanes on York between Dundurn and DowntownStrathcona$100,000
4Alleyway ImprovementsAll$100,000
5Ward 1 street calmingAll$200,000
6Artificial turf at Westdale High SchoolWestdale$100,000
7Upgrades to Churchill Park Lawn BowlingWestdale$50,000
8Bikes Lanes on Longwood Road NorthWestdale$50,000
9Pedestrian Bridge on Locke to WaterfrontStrathcona$0 - Will be funded by strategic fund ($300,000)
10Beautify Ward 1 Neighbourhoods (flower beds, etc.)All$50,000
11Convert Dalewood and Ryerson to salt water poolsKirkendall & Westdale$25,000
12Recycling bins across the wardAll$10,000
13$100,000 to be saved for social and exercise activity centres for seniorsAll$100,000
14Main/Dundurn and King/Dundurn pedestrianize intersectionsStrathcona$10,000
15Bike rack across WardAll$25,000
16Purchase Prince Philip SchoolAinslie Wood$0 - Referred to Strategic Fund
17Partner in school nutrition programsAll$0 - Combined with projects ranked 1 and 2
18HAAA Splash PadKirkendall$25,000
19Pedestrian activated crosswalk at Locke and Hunter Kirkendall$150,000
20Improvements to Emerson Street Ainslie Wood$60,000
21Replace pool with Splashpad at Alexander Park Ainslie Wood$25,000
Ward 1 Reinvestment Fund$300,000

To see the memo outlining the recommended projects and funding for 2014, click here.

2013 Projects

RankFunded ProjectsNeighbourhoodsAmount
1School Nutrition ProgramAll$80,000
2Bike LanesAll$50,000
3Locke Street Pedestrian BridgeStrathconaLarge Capital (was this funded by strategic fund)
4Seniors activity centre in West HamiltonAll$100,000
5Widen sidewalk on Longwood over Hwy 403Westdale/
6Artificial Ice RinkAll$50,000
7Expand Westdale LibraryWestdale$0 - Refer to HPL to consult on Needs
8Skateboarding/BMX FacilityAll$150,000
9City subsidy to outfit homes with wind/solarAll$10,000 for Feasibility Study
10Upgrades to Churchill Park Lawn BowlingWestdale$40,000
11Purchase of Prince Phillip SchoolAinslie Wood$0 - Large Capital - Purchase decision delayed (some money was reserved from investment fund)
12Pedestrian Activated Stoplight - Main and PearlStrathcona$100,000
13Reconstruction of Poulette Street Pedestrian BridgeKirkendall$100,000 for design phase
14Sidewalk improvementsAll$75,000
15Recreational facilities for Prince Phillip SchoolAinslie Wood$0 - Decision deferred until school closure
16Traffic Calmingn/a$0 - Funding for features to be provided from the discretionary fund
17Water fountainsAll$30,000
18Trees for Earth Day eventsAll$10,000
19Period, historic lights on Locke St.n/a$0 - Need to have dialogue with merchants
20Neighbourhood rehabilitation plan for Ainslie Wood East and Westdale NorthAinslie Wood/Westdale$0 - Funding will come from Discretionary fund
28/35Benches on Streets and in ParksAll$25,000
Ward 1 Reinvestment Fund$300,000

You can view select past forWard one recommended projects on the Ward 1 Neighbourhood Explorer below.