forWard one

The Participatory Budgeting Advisory Committee (PBAC)

The Participatory Budgeting Advisory Committee (PBAC) is a committee made up of 20 volunteers from Ward 1 who oversee and manage the forWard one process, and advise the Councillor about how to spend the annual area rating funds. The Committee is comprised of a cross section of Ward 1 residents representing the four neighbourhoods in the Ward.

fw1poster3Members of 2016-2017 Committee

Mark Alfano
Ben Bouwman
Cara Carrothers
Tordis Coakley
Angela Dinello
Wayne Fletcher
Labika Ghani
Dieter Klaus
Ryan McGreal
Justin Monaco-Barnes
Ken Moyle
Mary-Louise Pigott
Ira Rosen
Barry Spinner
Jonathan Therien
Balie Tomar
Chris White
Maureen Wilson

The Committee meets monthly throughout the forWard one process. Minutes of the Committee meetings are available below.

In addition, there are three Sub-Committees dealing with communication, engagement and process. These groups meet more frequently and report back to the full PBAC Committee.


Minutes from the 2015-2016 process can be found in the Archives.